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Billionaire Bitcoin (BTC) Investor’s Doge Statement: “You Will Still Be Poor”

Famous billionaire known as the third richest person in Mexico Ricardo Salinas Plieogo, Unlike investing in BTC, Dogecoin (DOGE) is not very welcoming.

Salinas to DOGE Investor: “Good luck”

The famous billionaire recently emphasized that he studied BTC for a long time and evaluated 10% of his portfolio as BTC. The famous name received very different comments from cryptocurrency investors on Twitter, and one of them came from a user named Brooks.

Brooks, who has a statement on his Twitter username stating that he is a DOGE investor, made a statement about DOGE, unsurprisingly. In his statement tagging Salinas, Brooks emphasized that he “is not a slave” and will remain committed to investing in DOGE. Salinas, for his part, responded immediately, using the phrase “you’ll be poor, good luck.”

The fact that Salinas criticized DOGE against BTC investment shows that he is a down-to-earth billionaire. While billionaire names like Elon Musk or Mark Cuban openly admit that they have invested in DOGE, Salinas’s harsh criticism certainly did not go unnoticed.

As of this writing, DOGE has gained 4% and is trading at $ 0.25. DOGE, which rose to $ 0.74 for the year, is known to be definitely making a loss for many investors at the moment. The Salinas statement in question can be expected to refer exactly to this decline. BTC, on the other hand, signals a reversal with a 4% surge in 24 hours.

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