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The people of El Salvador don’t trust Bitcoin!

As is known, a novelty recently took place in the history of crypto money and El Salvador declared Bitcoin the official currency. As a result of the closed vote in parliament (62 yes, 19 no and 3 abstentions), Bitcoin was accepted in addition to the official currency of the country, the US dollar.

After this development, the use of Bitcoin has now become legal across the country. President Nayib Bukele announced that with this step, the country’s economy will be reactivated and that many low-income families who work abroad and send money home will transfer money more easily.

Not only the WB and the IMF are against the official BTC currency!

According to a survey conducted by the Chamber of Commerce of El Salvador, the overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs in the country are against Bitcoin. So much so that only 4% of respondents support the mandatory use of Bitcoin. While 39% of respondents think that this latest development will lead to economic insecurity, 48% believe that Bitcoin will not create a miracle contrary to expectations, according to them, it is extremely utopian that BTC makes a positive contribution to the economy of the country. .

On the other hand, the first official blow to this decision came from the World Bank (WB). In voting against Nayib Bukele’s request for technical support, DB based its decision on strong reasons. The IMF, on the other hand, is fighting on the run for now.

Will salary payments be made in Bitcoin?

After the major developments in question, it is still unclear whether salary payments in the country will be paid in Bitcoin or US dollars. The country’s Ministries of Finance, Labor and Social Aid and Economy have been debating this issue for days. These talks are expected to continue for a while.

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