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Could John McAfee’s decision set a precedent for Elon Musk?

Elon Musk, who we are used to creating a sensation with every step he takes, is still on the agenda of the entire crypto community, with the sharp fall of Bitcoin and the fact that a currency like Dogecoin, which initially appeared as a “joke “was appreciated enough to be in 3rd place.

To date, Musk, who has been known to make inconsistent comments especially about Bitcoin, may be exposed to the effects of a court decision that may set a precedent for him at this time. So much so that “Can Musk share the fate of John McAfee, the founder of the famous McAfee antivirus software?” The question has already begun to occupy minds.

Noted billionaire John McAfee, as he is known, was found guilty by the SEC late last year for running misleading ICO promotions on social media and earning a high income of $ 23 million from such promotions, and was arrested and placed. in a Barcelona prison.

McAfee, who attended the last hearing at the Spanish National Court through a video link, claimed that all the accusations against him were political and stated that the strongest reason he is in prison today is intimidation against crypto users. Saying that he will be sentenced to 100 years in case of extradition to the United States, the fact that McAfee is sentenced to such a sentence seems to affect Elon Musk the most.

In fact, it seems highly likely that a similar sanction will be imposed on Musk and ambitious names like Musk, who exemplify McAfee’s attitude with their tweets and the market imbalance it caused. Let’s see how the outcome of the decision will affect the agenda.

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