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China’s latest ban on Bitcoin (BTC) mining is also passed

China one after another Bitcoin (BTC) Y mining He certainly managed to create fear and panic with his prohibitions. It turned out that China imposed a ban on Bitcoin mining, first in Inner Mongolia, then in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and now in Yunnan Province.

Working to achieve carbon emission targets in accordance with the global agreement, the Chinese administration has closed or is preparing to close many fossil fuel-based Bitcoin mining facilities in this context.

Another blow to Bitcoin mining

In the last days of the week Yunnan There is bad news about it. Before the statement made by the Yunnan Department of Energy spokesperson, the CEO of BTC.TOP, one of the largest mining companies in the region, made a statement on the matter. BTC.TOP The manager emphasized that Bitcoin mining is also prohibited in the Yunnan region and they have been notified to cancel transactions. A spokesperson for the Yunnan Department of Energy officially confirmed the events, emphasizing that it wants all cryptocurrency miners to leave the area by the end of June. A similar development was announced by reliable sources like Sinai and the news was confirmed.

In the press release, it is emphasized that all mining operations in the region must be terminated by the end of June, and those who do not comply will be subject to various sanctions. Yunnan, which considers all mining operations carried out by the user “without permission or license” to be illegal, also clearly reveals China’s policy.

It can be said that the only point in China where Bitcoin mining has not suffered is the province of Sichuan.

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