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What channel does Saturday Night Live start on? What awaits Dogecoin investors?

Investors were excited about the hours before Dogecoin’s father, Elon Musk, hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL), which will air on the US national channel NBC. The program is expected to start at 06:30 on Sunday morning Turkish time.

The famous CEO, who used the reference “The Dogefather” in the SNL announcement on April 28, generated great excitement among investors. Trading at $ 0.25 at the time of Musk’s announcement, Doge set a record with $ 0.74 hours before the show.

This means a 191% increase for DOGE in 10 days. DOGE, whose market value is close to $ 100 billion, is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency and has only $ 5 billion among Binance Coin, which is the third.

Binance CEO CZ pointed this out and said that BNB is only 3% above DOGE. Delivering the message that BNB will not lose power, he told the CEO team: “Don’t get distracted, just keep getting better.”

WallStreetBets’ “Has Dogecoin Ever Seen $ 1?” DOGE is approaching $ 1 in the adventure that started with the question. However, for DOGE to rise from its current level to $ 1, it needs to go up another 40%. Experts say that although this is unlikely to happen today, “if Musk is involved, there is no impossible in DOGE.”

While it is not known if Musk will say anything about Dogecoin on the show, experts are warning investors to beware of DOGE.

In addition to not talking about DOGE on the show, Musk also reminds investors who buy the risk prospect of selling the real, experts say to be prepared for high volatility.

* No investment advice.

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