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$ 17 billion fund revealed to have invested in Bitcoin (BTC)!

Institutional investor interest in Bitcoin continues to rise. Finally, it was revealed that the world famous hedge fund Thirdpoint has invested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and has stored these investments in Coinbase.

According to information from Coindesk, Thirdpoint billionaire manager Daniel Loeb struck a deal with Coinbase to store Bitcoin during last month’s drastic correction.

According to the information obtained, 5 funds of the company, which has $ 17 billion under its management, store their Bitcoins in Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US. It is currently unknown how much of these billions of dollars in funds they have Bitcoin or if they have invested in any other cryptocurrency.

While it is not known when the company invested in Bitcoin, it is emphasized that this news is important to Coinbase. As you know, Coinbase will be listed on Nasdaq next week. It seems that the stock market that opens the doors of Wall Street is also prepared to be the safe of large companies.

Coinbase said in a statement this week that it had $ 122 billion in corporate assets and stated that it expects significant growth in these figures next year. Coinbase’s opening more space for itself in the corporate arena will make it easier for institutional investors to embrace Bitcoin.

In another statement this week, it was claimed that hedge fund giant Paul Toder Jones is also a Coinbase client.

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