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How much of Ripple did 1 trillion XRP use? Here are the important facts about XRP!

Wave He unlocks 1 billion XRP on the first of every month and uses some of it for his own expenses.

For this reason, Ripple, which has been criticized for a long time, is known to have decreased the amount of XRP used recently. However, Rippe’s move on April 1 again sparked a backlash.

What has Ripple done with 1 trillion XRP?

Ripple is again reported by Whale Alert One billion XRPand I used some of them. While Ripple has blocked most of these, there are 160 million XRP available.

In the last 13 hours, $ 94 million of XRP was seen to be transferred to Ripple’s wallet. Furthermore, Ripple has also transferred XRP to different institutions.

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe from the Ripple wallet Bitstamp It was seen that 10 million XRP was sent to his wallet. 20 million XRP transferred between Ripple wallets.

Company these RL43 EE and RL18-VN sending them to their wallets made us think that the funds might come to the fore with other transfers soon. These two Ripple wallets are often used to send XRP to cross-border payment companies.

Although it is not disclosed what Ripple will use 160 million XRP for, it is estimated that it will be used to finance the company’s expenses. As current demand for Ripple continues, it appears that making such onerous and risky transactions is only weakening the company’s hand.

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