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Dutch police apologize to Turks for sharing racists

Westerbeke, who was invited to a program on the Rotterdam Rijnmond television channel, said he noticed that trust in the Rotterdam police was declining.

Westerbeke claimed that police officers affiliated with the Rotterdam organization, who made “racist speeches” in social media groups, were duly punished, Westerbeke said: “I already sincerely and sincerely apologize to Hümeyra’s family and the entire Turkish community living in the Netherlands. I want to say this to the family personally again. I apologize to the Turkish community because I learned that this incident had a great impact on the Turks. ” saying.

He apologized

Furthermore, Westerbeke stated that the police apologized to all members of the social media group who were upset by their racist and discriminatory statements against minorities, immigrants and Africans in the country, “The police involved in the incident also regret and he apologizes. ” speak.

On the other hand, it was reported that Hümeyra E’s family wanted police officers who used racist statements to be removed from their duties.

Local media reports reported that a Moroccan-born policeman working in the Rotterdam police department reported racist statements to higher authorities and was declared a traitor and harassed by his colleagues.

Hümeyra E, who was studying at Rotterdam Designcollege, was killed by her ex-boyfriend when she was returning from school on December 16, 2018.

Hümeyra E complained to the police claiming that she had been threatened, but her complaints were not taken into consideration.

On March 25, it was reported in the media that the statement “One more Turk was reduced” was used by the Dutch police in their correspondence on social media groups about the death of Hümeyra E.

Westerbeke said the testimony used about Hümeyra E’s death should be condemned and was “insulting”, noting that the police were convicted and that the investigation against them was continuing.

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