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‘Wall Street Wolf’ Jordan Belfort admits wrong with Bitcoin

Jordan Belfort, the author of the Wall Street Wolf book and former broker, stated that he was wrong about Bitcoin and expected a price of $ 100,000.

Belfort made collapse comments for Bitcoin, which entered a prolonged and harsh bear market after the big bullish move in 2017. Stating that he changed his mind, the famous investor said that he expects the largest cryptocurrency to reach $ 100,000.

Speaking to Fortune Magazine, Belfort said that he thought Bitcoin would be crushed under regulations and governments would ban it, but he was wrong. Stating that he saw Bitcoin as a good method for money laundering at that time, the former broker said that the biggest cryptocurrency is now at a completely different level and has very strong supporters, including institutional investors.

Stating that Bitcoin has an important advantage over stocks thanks to its scarce supply, the motivational speaker commented that BTC can reach a price of 100 thousand dollars.

Belfort’s book, which became famous all over the world with “The Wolf of Wall Street” published in 2007 and wanted to be addressed in this way, was transformed into a movie in 2013, starring the famous actor Leonardo di Caprio.

Accused of defrauding his investors, Belfort spent 22 months in prison. It was claimed that the famous broker, who is currently giving motivational speeches, received 20 thousand dollars per speech for a period.

Belfort, who was fined $ 110 million by the court, is still paying this money.

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